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From despair to where?

January 15, 2018
From despair to where? It’s been a hectic day for forefingers, eh? Social media both is and isn’t the best place to see supporter reaction. Its immediacy can sometimes mean that supporters type before they think, but it also lends itself seamlessly to a spontaneity that you don’t get from any other form of media. […]


January 11, 2018
DUCK 40 OUT ON WEDNESDAY 17th JANUARY The first issue of 2018, and life really does begin at 40, because this issue is an absolute belter. Inside issue 40: Case for the defence – Dave Proudlove’s plea, for leniency, towards TP. Driven to distraction – Orfy’s mint two-pager about our road trip to Liverpool in […]

Emotion in motion

January 6, 2018
Emotion in motion It’s pretty hard to write this without starting it exactly in the same vein as the piece I wrote on New Years Day about football in general, SCFC, and our manager……so, I won’t bother – I’ll start it exactly the same as I did five days ago! It was a sunny mid-May tea […]

Geordie Unsure

January 1, 2018
GEORDIE UNSURE They say that you should leave it for twenty four hours. To let it sink in and for it to digest. Give yourself the time to be objective and avoid knee-jerk reactions…… But I’ve got work to do tomorrow. Work that takes planning and focus – completely the opposite to what I watched […]