KULCHER – Annie at the Regent Theatre



“I’m at football training with the lad, can you go and review Annie at The Regent for me on Monday night, duck?
Whilst my husband probably thinks my theatrical knowledge starts and ends with shouting “oh no he isn’t” and “he’s behind yoooouuu!”, I do enjoy going to see live entertainment, and it’s fair to say that The Regent has had some excellent shows on in recent times. And so I was more than happy to go up ‘Anley duck, and watch this show.

First things first, I love The Regent Theatre – is a beautiful building and a real jewel in the city centre’s crown. We got there just before the start, and there seemed to be a healthy number of people in there for the first night.

It would be a lie to say I enjoyed the TV programme Birds of a Feather, and so seeing that Lesley Joseph was the star attraction didn’t fill me with unbridled joy. Well silly me for judging a book by its cover. Or a play by the TV role its star turn was in! Joseph was excellent. She owned the stage, but was possibly upstaged by the young girl who played Annie – Madeleine Haynes, who was simply brilliant. She’s one of three youngsters who play Annie whilst it’s on tour, and hers is a name we’ll be hearing lots more of in the future.

We all know the feelgood story of Annie, but iyt’s always better to see it in the flesh, live, than on the screen. The audience loved it, and it looked like the cast did, too. It was apt I watched a show based in the depression era, as this week’s football scores have resulted in such an era in our house! I’d recommend he goes to watch Annie whilst it’s still on!

It’s a perfect two hour winter warmer of a show, with big production values and a great cast.

Annie runs until Saturday 6 February at The Regent Theatre in Stoke.

Tickets are available online or from The Regent Theatre Box Office, by calling 0844 871 7649 or visiting www.atgtickets.com/stoke    

Mrs Bunny