Bid to win on the following:

Limited edition Wilko Testimonial Souvenir framed cards

One of only two limited edition framed Andy Wilkinson Testimonial Card sets that has been signed by the players who appeared on that special night. This is truly a stunning collectors item. 


A 2018/2019 squad signed framed Stoke shirt.



A matchworn signed Tom Edwards away top from the 2017/2018 season


How to bid:

Send an email with your bid amount and what you are bidding on to

Where the money goes:

  1. The Stoke city Community Trust. Derrith is running the London Marathon at the end of April and her chosen charity is the superb Community Trust.

  2. The Dougie Mac – our chosen charity.

  3.  Bunny’s eldest, Grace, is undertaking voluntary mental health work for a month in Indonesia with both kids and adults alike. She has to self-fund £2500 to even go on this trip and perform this much-needed work. So, you’ll be helping a great kid do great things.