DUCK Magazine 38 Cover - Love Shaq-01

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(SENT OUT ON FRIDAY 20/10/2017)
The new issue of DUCK magazine, and we reckon it’s possibly our best yet. If w eget our backsides in gear we may even get some free stickers done, too! *

Inside issue 38:
Dave Regis interview – Orfy talks to a player so underrated and crucial in our promotion winning season on 1992/93. It’s a great interview. And yes, they do talk about that blinkin’ puddle!
Needing a spark – Henri Keuter and Dan Strong join forces to dissect how our manager has performed in recent times.
Crafty – The Beerdman carries on his take on the local ale scene. this issue, it’s that drinker’s paradise and Queen of the Moorlands, Leek.
Desperately seeking something – a peek at what it’s like to be a mid-table team in ST4. Orfy’s search for an identity for Stoke.
Football – Dave Cowlishaw’s superb take on the beautiful game. Short, sharp, sweet. Not Dave.
Get the message – our editorial, and it’s not on football. Who’d a thunk it, eh?
Last night a DJ made my life – Our regular feature about the platters that matter. Sorry for going all 80’s there, but there’s good reason – this issue Rockcliffe Files remembers The Smiths.
The Hex Files – Rob Doolan’s regular two pages. So you know full well it will be ace. This isn’t – it’s really ace! Football and Halloween – and no mention of Iain Dowie.
The Cherry blossoms – our tribute to Glenn Whelan. Yes, about time, we know!
Those were the days pt 2 – The second instalment of Dut’s take on modern football. The lad wears nice coats and can write. That’ll do for us.
Trainerspotter – our monthly look at the trainers we love. This issue, it’s a pack from the lovely Saucony from a year or two ago.
……and loads more inside the glossy, A5 pages.

* we possibly may not have the time to get our backsides in gear