TRAINER POTTER #2: Adidas ZX700’s

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#2: ADIDAS ZX700’s

zx 2

Forget Coe, Cram, and Ovett: these are the quintessential 80’s runners.

And probably my favourite ever trainers. Certainly my favourite from Adidas. Others from the brand with the three stripes were seen and coveted more on terras (and still are): the likes of SL72, Kegler Super, Gazelles……you know the score and the names. Yet the ZX700’s are the trainers that seem to fit my stupidly-shaped feet better than any trainers before or since.

ZX700’s are where mesh sees suede across the dancefloor and instantly fancy each other. Not that drunken 01:49am last dance fumbling kind of fancying. Proper sat-on-a-beach-watching-a-sundowner-to-the-sound-of-total-and-complete-silence kind of fancying.


The design of the upper allows for any number of colourways, and there aren’t many I wouldn’t wear. That’s probably just as much to do with my taste as much as anything else, I suppose, but it’s the truth.

They just look right, the ZX700’s. The heel panel, the plastic heel base, the branded dead comfy tongue, and then the killer – the gum outsole. I’ve always been a sucker for a gum outsole, me.

The ZX700’s tick every trainer box for me: great design, good colourways, fit superbly, and they look absolutely brilliant with jeans, too. Indeed, I’ve always preferred a higher trainer to jeans. With my women’s, stick-thin, long legs, I’ve never thought ‘flat’ trainers, such as Gazelles, go as well to jeans, for me.

The ones pictured I’ve had for several years now. They’re battered and bruised, but they do scrub up well, and they’ve been worn at any number of football grounds, for football, walking in the countryside etc. And running.

They’re due to be replaced. They have been for ages. But they still keep going. They deserve a proper burial service, I love them so much.




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Treat. Your. Feet. Our regular look at trainer’s to swoon over.

#1 The New Balance Football Pack

l-r: 577FB/EpicTR/1500FB

The beautiful game just got even more beautiful.

We’re coming to the end of the football season now. A time for cheers and tears. But spring is in the air, and with the changing seasons comes a need/desire to have a look at your training shoe starting 11. And New Balance have only gone and released a UK Football pack to satisfy the needs of the football fanatic and trainer heads amongst us.

Football. New Balance. Two of the finer things in life. Put them together and it’s the footwear equivalent of Giannelli Imbula. Simply unstoppable!

Paying homage to New Balance’s historical legacy in the beautiful game, this pack consists of pairs of the iconic 1500’s and 577’s, and also introduces the EpicTR, a brand new premium cup sole trainer utilising the original upper design from the classic Flimby-made NB Epic football boot from the 1990’s.

All three are superb, with the classic silhouette of the 577’s being a personal favourite, and all three come in the traditional footballing footwear colours of black and white.

Ah, the days when boots and trainers came in, er, black and white, eh?

So these New Balance beauties, with more than a nod towards footballing heritage and old skool standards, are absolutely perfect for the end of the season…..and then the Euros afterwards!

All three heritage styles are crafted in luxurious black leather in the New Balance UK factory, located in the heart of Cumbria. So perhaps bench a few of your old trainers and grab a new signing from the New Balance squad, eh?