What advertising do we offer?

1. Advertise on this website (prices start from just £89 per month)      

2. Advertise in the printed magazine (prices start from just £59 per month)      

3….or BOTH!

4. Use our copywriting service to help to progress and publicise our company. We are totally flexible and write editorial and content for newspapers, magazines, websites, journals, trade fairs – and the likes of blogs, articles, brochures, wedding speeches, eulogies, press releases, staff profiling etc. We write for you! Plus, we have a large Social Media presence to back this up.

Why advertise with us/use us?

Reach a target audience and a readership in its thousands.

Every issue sells out. Our digital only twice-yearly issues goes out to 40,000 readers!

We think that DUCK is a unique magazine and website, and would appeal to your target audience.

DUCK is about WAY more than football. Our writers are from a broad, talented church.

All issues have sold out and the websites features the very best writing on SCFC and other related topics. 

Buyers and subscribers all over the UK and in 3 continents.

We already have a hugely appreciated network of companies who see the benefit of advertising with us and reaching our loyal readership. Most sponsor on 6 or 12 month package deals – with up to 33% off rrp’s!

Retail outlets throughout Stoke-on-Trent stock DUCK, plus we have an online shop.

100% brilliant feedback from our readers. We are well liked and trusted. That’s hugely important to us.

Brand awareness: our readership associate you with us and vice-versa.

We champion all that’s great with our football club, city and county.

We are extensively followed on Social Media networks. Almost 7000 Twitter followers.

How can I find out more information?

Email us at duckstoke@gmail.com or contact Anthony on 07507261877 and arrange a chat. He’ll bring semi-decent biscuits, too!