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DUCK 43  Bumper issue only £1.50 (Pre-order)

Our 48 page, reduced price homage to the 25th Anniversary of our 1992/1993 Champions is out on April 20th – AND IT’S ONLY £1.50.

But we need to shift as many as we can to get it out at that price – so please tell as many folk as possible to think about buying it, folks! We’ve taken a punt, gone out on a limb – we wanted to produce a magazine that is a fitting tribute to a brilliant team, and one that had a brilliant season.

So, what can you expect in this issue?

Player and manager interviews – Macari, Nello, Stein, Bertie, Beest, Rooster……
Supporter memories and anecdotes from a great year
A special commemorative cover by the ace Joe Barbieri
A look at clobber from back in the day, plus city centre nightlife
Rivalries with the likes of Vale and Stockport
Memorable aways….
…’s all in here. And for one issue only, we’ve even knocked a quid off the cover price!

We also feature a diary of the current season (unfortunately!), and a brilliant piece about a very, very special Stokie. (We may even do some stickers, too!)


All online orders are entered into a draw to win a copy of DUCK issue 1 signed by Lou and several of the squad.


Pre-Order it now:

Legally Blonde – The Regent Theatre, Hanley

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The Regent Theatre, Hanley

Blondes have more fun?

Hmm, well I’m a brunette and I had a decent time…….

Featuring X Factor, Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Eastenders stars, the musical stage version of the 2001 film Legally Blonde hits the boards at The Regent this week, and never mind blonde – it’s an explosion of pink.

Ex-X Factor (trying saying that after a sherry) star, Lucie Jones, takes on the role of ditzy Elle Woods, played by Reece Witherspoon on the screen and is excellent, especially when singing. X Factor fans will remember her wowing audiences, and Simon Cowell, several years ago. Pink-loving Woods heads to uber-smart Harvard Law School to win back her ex, and she’s well supported by David Barrett as her best buddy.

Bill Ward, he of Coronation baddie and Emmerdale fame is superb as The Professor, and there are even a couple of canine star turns, too. But it’s ex- Eastenders acress Rita Simons who is the real star of the show, playing Paulette, Elle’s streetwise, sassy, but low on self-confidence salon-owning friend. I’ll admit, it was a little bit of a shock seeing her in a musical comedy, but she was outstanding, both in terms of timing, sense of fun, and vocally.

This is 200mph, high-energy bubblegum stuff, but highly entertaining – perfect for those who have seen the film and a blast for those who haven’t. The time flew by, and this is sure to be a crowd-pleaser for the rest of the week in ST1.And whilst it is undoubtedly wrapped in sugar-coated candy, it also has moments of genuine sadness and emotion, too, as it’s basically based on overcoming preconceived ideas and prejudice.

But Legally Blonde is really designed to get you smiling and laughing, and to get you up on your feet. Judging by the ovation by a full house at the end, omigod, it succeeded!

Legally Blonde runs at the Regent Theatre from March 13-17th. Tickets can be bought via the box office on 0844 871 7649 or at


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Rich Beedie ‘s epic three page chat to fans of three clubs, including a Potter, about this supporting life

In Shaqattack, Dave Cowlishaw pays homage to our one attacking player who looks like doing something on a weekly basis

Get the message – our editorial, where each month we try our best to be dead positive. By god, it’s getting harder and harder.

Diary – Orfy, with his take on the last two months and goings on in ST4.

Mental health – the unseen illness. Terrace Gent’s beautiful piece. It’s great to talk.

Michael Forbes’ bracelet keeps on breaking. Find out what that has to do with Stoke City’s current plight. Then blame him!

It’s good, indeed, great to know that we had ace forefathers. The story of Stoke’s link with Lidice.

Crafty is our monthly look at the world of ale. Not that we’re ever in need of it on Saturday evenings.

Rob Doolan’s unique take on hedgehogs. Kind of. You know the score with Rob’s stuff – he’s ace.

Our monthly look at sneakers – Trainer Potter. This time, it’s Saucony’s turn for some love.

SCFC Ladies team – going great guns, and James Knowles tells us why and how.

Orfy writes a poem. But it’s not just a poem. It’s a brilliant poem, about his last look at the Boothen End steps.

Class of 92/93 – a look forward at our 48 page, reduced price issue 43 – in tribute to a great, great season……